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CPA MOMS is the “eHarmony” of the Accounting World.

CPA MOMS® specializes in the careful selection and screening of experienced professional CPAs. We find, screen & test CPAs that are moms and connect them to entrepreneurs looking for affordable bookkeeping, accounting or tax solutions nationwide. What makes us unique is our ability to provide business owners with an affordable solution by working exclusively with CPAs willing to exchange high salaries for flexibility. 

I outgrew my bookkeeper

I haven’t filed my taxes in a few years

I’m surprised by my tax bill

I have no idea where my money goes

I don’t get accurate or timely financials

I need a CPA to review my financials

I outgrew my bookkeeper

I haven’t filed my taxes in a few years

I’m surprised by my tax bill

I have no idea where my money goes

I don’t get accurate or timely financials

I need a CPA to review my financials

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Who Do We Serve?

Whether you are just getting started and want your business to be set up properly by an accounting professional, your business is in early stages and cashflow is tight, or you are a fast growing venture that needs financial systems to help grow exponentially, CPA MOMS® professionals can serve entrepreneurs at all stages. Though we don’t serve government agencies or publicly traded companies, we have accounting and tax professionals with experience across a wide range of industries including, but not limited to: eCommerce, service professions, construction, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, interior design firms, and 501(c)3 organizations. Our CPAs also have specialized experience in the following:

Real Estate Investors

Complex strategies need comprehensive accounting and tax experts that understands the industry and can help you avoid pitfalls and prepare for growth.

Franchise Owners

Being able to quickly understand and adapt to fit your franchise model and systems can happen at an individual level or for an entire franchise organization.


Tired of accountants that don’t get it? You deserve a CPA who understands entrepreneurs, and charges for the value of services delivered, not the time it took.

Real Estate Investor

After 150 real estate transactions, J. hired CPA MOMS® to build his financial system from scratch which helped him attract millions from investors.

“As a Franchise Owner, I’m confident in the numbers I’m receiving. CPA MOMS® allows me to work ON my business versus IN my business. Our profitability reflects their valuable experience, as we’re having our best year yet!”
– Denise, Nebraska Franchise Owner


Deanna hired CPA MOMS® to take her multi-million dollar enterprise to the next level and got the expert care she needed.

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Meet Some of the CPAs

Most CPA MOMS® professionals are licensed CPAs with an average 16 years of professional accounting experience. You won’t see these powerful women in bathrobes at home. They are highly trained professionals who chose to become their own boss. Most of our CPAs left successful corporate careers at prestigious corporations and Big 4 accounting firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young. Our ongoing training, community and support system allows each professional to work within a network of professionals to support them in serving start-ups to multi-million dollar enterprises.



An experienced CPA with 17+ years in the accounting industry and 12 years of public accounting, she holds a Masters in Taxation and an Accounting Bachelor’s degree. Clare specializes in real estate, small business tax & more…



An experienced CPA in two countries with 15+ years of tax, accounting & consulting services, she holds two degrees: Masters in Taxation & Bachelors in Accounting. Padma specializes in expat international tax, real estate, healthcare & more…

You can choose to engage a CPA to perform any of the following types of services:

Full Charge Bookkeeping/Payroll Management

Accounting/Controller/Financial Reporting

QuickBooks Setup & Training (Do It Yourself)

Tax Planning & Preparation

Cashflow Management/CFO

Reviews & Attestations (No Audits at this Time)

Books & Payroll Management

Finance Reporting

DIY QuickBooks Training

Tax Planning & Preparation

Cashflow Management

Reviews & Attestations (No Audits)

Feeling Neglected by Your CPA?

Most traditional CPA firms have hundreds of clients per CPA. CPA MOMS® professionals have an average of 15 clients. Each CPA can give you the customized service, personalized care, and attention you deserve.

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How It Works

Our way…designed by an entrepreneur for the entrepreneur… We like to keep things simple. After submitting your interest for a free phone consultation, one of our CPAs will contact you to evaluate your needs, and to provide you with a quote that fits your budget. Our custom, value billing model is designed to eliminate your experience of being nickeled and dimed. You are never forced into a plan or package that includes services you don’t need. Our CPAs aren’t the cheapest solution in the market, but can stand behind being the greatest value in the market.

Step 1

After you complete the free consultation form, one of our analysts will assign you to a CPA that best matches your business needs. Your assigned CPA will contact you within 1 to 2 business days to book your consultation.

Step 2

In your consultation, the CPA will assess the scope of work with your budget to provide a written proposal & quote. If you have existing books, she will likely need to review your books prior to providing you a quote.

Step 3

You’ll review the written proposal & quote with your assigned CPA and make any modifications, if necessary. Upon alignment, formal engagement letter, payment approval, and billing agreement forms will be emailed.

Once you complete your approvals, you’ll getting started right away and setup your first meeting.

LuAnne, Solopreneur

Though there is some upfront setup for any new relationship, listen to what LuAnne, a solopreneur, had to say about finally taking the first step to being free from the confusion and struggle with her finances on a personal and business level.

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