What is a Tech-Enabled Franchise Model and Why Should You Care?

May 25, 2020 | CPA Blog, Entrepreneur Blog |

CPA MOMS® is a Technology-Enabled Franchise Model

This week CPA MOMS® Founder and CEO, Mayumi Young, CPA was the featured guest on the Franchise Bible Coach Radio Show. The subject was the Power of Technology-Enabled Franchise Models.

Tech-Enabled (for short) means that technology is at the center of the business model to make the franchise owners more profitable and to increase the overall efficiencies of the business model. CPA MOMS® enduring commitment to building the absolute best and most robust tech tools for it's CPA “mompreneurs” has resulted in an extremely streamlined business model that allows our franchise owners to hit the ground running and focus on giving its valuable customers the best service available in the marketplace today. In fact, the podcast host and 30 year franchise expert, Rick Grossmann noted that “CPA MOMS® is the most technology-enabled company that he has seen in the franchise industry.”

You can watch the video podcast by clicking on the video on this page. To learn more about the many benefits of joining the CPA MOMS® family as a franchisee, visit our franchise information page at https://cpa-moms.com/find-a-client