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Learn How the CPA MOMS Agency Can Help You Grow Your Practice.

About the CPA MOMS Agency

The CPA MOMS® Agency specializes in the careful selection and screening of experienced professional CPAs. We find, screen & test CPAs that are moms and connect them to entrepreneurs looking for affordable bookkeeping, accounting or tax solutions nationwide. What makes us unique is that we provide you with an entire Blueprint for building a successful solo practice, then we train you on how to implement this proven system in the real world, then (if you are eligible), we will provide you with leads from our Agency to grow your business.

What CPAs Have to Say About CPA MOMS

"CPA MOMS Community gives you hope and yet it also gives you the knowledge and resources to fulfill on your journey making it as a solopreneur. The trainings are clear and concise and you can apply them in the real world. When you need a helping hand and you need another person to shoot something off of, then you've got it with CPA MOMS. It's paid for itself 5 times over. It's priceless. " - Nikki, North Dakota

"It's been a stress relief. I just felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders when I first started. Since then, it's definitely helped." - Caroline, Illinois

"It gives you tools and technology. It gives you being on the court and being of service to your clients and really listening to what they really want and need. It opens your eyes to creating whatever it is that you want." - Bella, Colorado

"I've already gotten leads and I've gotten paid in the 3 short months that I've been here. I can take the skills with me anywhere. The value is definitely priceless. More than double than what I invested." - Padma, Indiana

What To Expect

Hear the Raves & Results from Other CPA MOMS Professionals

Benefits of the CPA MOMS Community


Become Eligible for the Agency Opportunity!!!


Receive Real World Recorded Trainings


Share Best Practices with Like-Hearted Professionals


Get in Flow, Expend Less Time & Effort to Produce More


Stay Relevant with Fast Moving Tools & Technology


Build Confidence & Connections to Grow Your Practice

How It Works

We invest heavily in your success. The Agency helps build the book of business for only a handful of solo practitioners at a time to ensure that you receive personalize care to help build your successful solo practice. There are 3 simple steps to start the application process to be represented by the Agency and start getting leads today:

Step 1

Submit your interest in learning more and you will be added to a list to be invited at our next open enrollment. We dedicate a lot of personal care and attention to our Agency Talent. As such, we only have open enrollments once a quarter. As we open enrollment, you'll be notified via email to apply.

Step 2

After you apply, you will have access to a webinar that will explain the entire Agency model and how it can support you in building your solo practice. You'll also learn how to access the entire Blueprint system, and training to implement our proven sales systems immediately to grow your practice. Anyone may participate in the training program; however, only qualified CPAs who successful complete the program will be invited to the Agency.

Step 3

For those who are eligible, after successfully completing our training program, you may be interviewed by a CPA MOMS Agent. If you are invited to join the Agency and you choose to accept, you will complete a short onboarding process before receiving leads.

Ready to Grow Your Solo Practice?

Take the First Step to learn more about how the CPA MOMS Agency can help you grow your Solo Practice.

Meet the CPA MOMS Leaders

These professionals have walked the same Solopreneur Pathway as you. They've been there, done that. They believe so strongly in the impact of this Community and Marketplace that they have chosen to leave their solo practices and firms to expand the CPA MOMS vision nationwide. You'll benefit from their gifts & talents, wisdom, expertise and experience.

Nikki Bushaw CPA


Nikki is a CPA and mom of two young boys. After several years of running her own solo practice in North Dakota, she has chosen to use her technical accounting & tax expertise and business savvy to serve other CPAs instead of clients. Nikki started in the CPA MOMS Community, completed her training, then joined the Agency. Just over a year with the organization, she chose to realign her future path to help other CPA mompreneurs find balance between career and family and is excited to share her wisdom.

Danica Coit CPA


Danica is a CPA and has owned a firm which performs accounting, tax, reviews & attestations for entrepreneurs based out of California. Danica joined the CPA MOMS Agency 5 years ago. After looking at the option to grow her practice or expand the CPA MOMS vision nationwide, she chose to join the CPA MOMS leadership team in order to expand her vision to impact more entrepreneurs and mompreneurs throughout the US. She will help you gain the tools you need to grow your solo practice.

Candice Utush MBA


Candice is an accounting professional and mom to five children. She knows firsthand the demands of Corporate life while raising a family and left her position as VP of Commercial Banking to start her own solo practice. Candice joined the CPA MOMS Agency 3 years ago and has since joined the team to share her expertise. She brings an honest perspective of what it really takes to grow a practice while raising kids and is here to support you on your journey.

Vanessa Easley


Vanessa is a mompreneur with two children based in Georgia. She started out helping corporate offices run efficiently, then started her own virtual assistant business. She joined CPA MOMS because of her passion to empower mompreneurs. Vanessa is committed to providing personalized care and support to the Community of CPA mompreneurs and is excited to support you in growing your practice through resources, connections and other practical methods. She welcomes you to the CPA MOMS family!

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