1. There is currently no way to provide additional information about the candidate that is not already presented.

2. We do not represent nor guarantee that any candidate you pay to interview is qualified for the position you are looking to fill.

3. We do not represent that any candidate you pay to interview will be hired.

4. We do not represent or guarantee that any candidate that you hire will remain employed for any period of time.

5. We can not share the background check report with you. We can only verify that a background check was performed and the date. The background check is limited in scope. We recommend that you perform your own independent background check before hiring any candidate. Candidates that we feel may not be a suitable hire based on the background check report we use are removed from the Directory.

6. We do not perform any additional tests or verify another information that are not listed on the candidate profile, nor can we provide any additional tests or verification.

7. If a candidate you pay to interview does not show for the scheduled interview, is non-responsive, and you have made reasonable and verifiable attempts to contact the candidate within 2 weeks of receiving your candidate contact information, we MAY agree to TRANSFER your payment to interview another candidate for an additional 30 days. However, we do NOT issue any refunds.

8. You will be asked to rate the candidates you interviewed, which we will take into consideration and may affect a candidate's ability to remain on the Directory.

9. Your candidates will be asked to rate you, which we will take into consideration, and may affect your ability to use the Directory in the future.

10. A candidate may be selected and invited for an interview by more than one Firm simultaneously. If they accept your invitation, they are not required to accept any offer you may give them; however, they have agreed to schedule an interview within 10 business days of agreement.

11. You may use this Directory to find free internship candidates; however, the process and payment is the same regardless of the employment terms.