Meet the CPAs

Most CPA MOMS® professionals are licensed CPAs with an average 16 years of professional accounting experience. You won’t see these powerful women in bathrobes at home. They are highly trained professionals who chose to become their own boss. Most of our CPAs left successful corporate careers at prestigious corporations and Big 4 accounting firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young. Our ongoing training, community and support system allows each professional to work within a network of professionals to support them in serving start-ups to multi-million dollar enterprises.

Below are some of the professional accountants in the CPA MOMS® national network.


An experienced CPA/CFO with 21+ years of experience advising corporations with complex restructuring & international projects, she has a Masters in Finance & BS in Accounting. Danica specializes in manufacturing, real estate, & more…


An experienced CPA in two countries with 15+ years of tax, accounting & consulting services, she holds two degrees: Masters in Taxation & Bachelors in Accounting. Padma specializes in expat international tax, real estate, healthcare & more…


Former Corporate Controller with 25+ years of accounting & business operational consulting experience, she holds two degrees: an MBA & Bachelors in Accounting. Frances specializes in construction, franchises, real estate, retail & more…


An experienced CPA/CFO, with 17+ years of retail price mgmt, cost accounting & inventory control experience, she has an MBA & BS in Accounting. Bella specializes in retail, eCommerce, licensing, manufacturing, real estate & more…


An experienced CPA with 21+ years of accounting experience, with extensive work in commercial & real estate development, she has a Bachelors in Accounting. Caroline specializes in interior design, construction, real estate & more…


An experienced CPA with 17+ years in the accounting industry and 12 years of public accounting, she holds a Masters in Taxation and an Accounting Bachelor’s degree. Clare specializes in real estate, small business tax & more…