Placement Services for Accounting and Tax Firms

Leverage our talent acquisition, screening, and testing system and mostly importantly our time. Firms are not in the business of hiring talent and yet your practice can only grow with the right professionals who are not only qualified, but have trustworthy qualities that you can stake your reputation on, and the safekeeping of your clients.

Is CPA MOMS Placement Right For Your Firm?

If you already own an established Accounting or Tax Firm and are looking to grow your team part-time, full-time, seasonally or permanently with 1, 2 or more hires, using the CPA MOMS Placement service is a great time saver. This is also perfect if you are Solo-Practitioner who has outgrown your current book of business and need to leverage other talented professionals to serve your current demand.

If you part of the talent acquisition team of a larger Regional, National, or Tier 1 or 2 Public Accounting Firm, we MAY be able to support you. The information below is designed for small firms looking to hire 1-5 professionals. For larger hiring needs, we can customize the pricing and customize the screening process. Please schedule a Discovery Call with CPA MOMS Placement Manager if you have not already done so.

If you need a professional to work on-site more than once a quarter, we are probably not the right solution for you.

It is important to note that most of our the professionals who are attracted to CPA MOMS come to us because they are looking for an opportunity to work virtually with a flexible schedule around their family commitments. As a service to these professional working moms, we selectively choose to work with Firms that respect and care about family as part of the company culture.

How Does It Work?

Accounting/tax firms hire CPA MOMS® as a hands-on, outsourced talent acquisition agency. Our Placement team starts first by interviewing Firm Owners to ensure that the firm culture is a fit for working moms. We then determine if the compensation is appropriate for the level of experience required. At times, we coach Firm Owners to design compensation plans to help attract the most qualified professionals.

Once you submit your Talent Acquisition Request, you will have the opportunity to book a free strategy session with the CPA MOMS Placement Manager. If we mutually agree to move forward, the process is several, simple steps outlined below.

Step 1

Hiring Criteria & Free Strategy Session (FREE)

This step allows you to define the candidates, skills requirements, and compensation. Once you complete the Talent Acquisition Request form, you'll be able to schedule a call with CPA MOMS Placement Manager to discuss the position. During the conversation, we can help you with your hiring and compensation strategy (if needed).

A position is defined by the job description. If you are looking for an accountant that performs both accounting and tax work, that is one position. If you need an accountant and a separate tax professional, that is two positions.

Step 2

Formal Talent Search


($6,000 One Position)

This step includes talent acquisition, resume review, accounting and tax technical tests and interviews. The outcome from this step is that we are able to identify 10 candidates that meet your criteria and that successfully pass our initial screening. 

There is an upfront investment of $6,000 for us to perform all of the steps to your top 3 candidates. This step typically takes 2-3 weeks to perform, but may take longer if we are unable to identify a sufficient pool of talent or based on the number of placements in process.

Step 3

Talent Screening of Top 10 Candidates


In this step we carefully interview each of the top 10 candidates to verify all of our initial assessments from Step 2 and ask specific questions like any careful employer would while interviewing a candidate for a position to handle sensitive financial information. The outcome is to identify our top 3 candidates that are best suited to your requirements. This step takes about 1-2 weeks to complete.

Step 4

Final Talent Screening of Top 3 Candidates


Upon completion of identifying the top 3 candidates and receipt of the final payment, this step involves our final screening of the top 3 candidates, which consists of background checks, QuickBooks Online accounting software tests, profiles, and final interviews. If we determine that one or more of the candidates we selected did not pass the final screening, we will replace them at our own expense and present your firm with 3 of our top candidates for interview. This step takes approximately 1 week to complete however, if one or more of the candidates do not pass the final screening, it could take an additional week or 2. 

Step 5

Interview Top 3 Candidates 

Once we have the final top 3, our team will work with you and the candidates to schedule 1 on 1 interviews with you. 


Step 6

Hiring Process

(Included for first, $995 each of the other hires) 

A complete packet of information will be provided to you on each of the top 3 candidates for you to review and choose from. The first hire of the 3 top candidates is included in the price. If you elect to hire another one or both of the top 3 candidates there is an extra fee of $995 per hire. 


**Note: This information reflects our price as of June 7, 2019.**