Rachel Schmidt has been with ADP for over 3 years and during that time has earned the designations of President’s Club Performer as well as Accountant Specialist.  As a hard-earned  ADP Accountant specialist, Rachel strictly partners with accountants and the CPA community, making sure they, and their clients, get the highest level of support at ADP.

From hiring to retiring, and everything in between, ADP provides a host of services that even seasoned CPA’s might be surprised to discover.

Rachel has been the National ADP representative for CPA MOMS and has supported our community members, as well as the CPA MOMS franchisees.


Here are the highlights from this interview:

  • Rachel shares that ADP is a great company to work for, offering its employees lots of room to grow
  • She now has her FPC (Fundamental Payroll Certification), Series 6 and 63 allowing her to sell retirement plans, and she works strictly with the accountant community as their customer service personal point of contact
  • She was recognized as a President’s Club Performer, reaching the highest 10% of new account sales and service
  • She is an Accountant Specialist, dealing solely with the accountant community, offering very personalized, individualized attention
  • You always have less expensive options with other payroll providers, but what you’re paying just a little extra for with ADP is the level of service, attention and full-service solution
  • ADP offers everything from “hire to retire”, including onboarding new employees, payroll filings, workers compensation, human resources, 401K plans, flexible spending accounts, etc.
  • Since the pandemic has changed the landscape of employment and the issues with employees and contractors working virtually from anywhere, it’s even more valuable for businesses to have human resources support
  • ADP has certified human resources professionals to answer all questions regarding COVID-related issues, paid time off, sick time, etc.
  • With the PPP loan forgiveness and now the changes to the requirements for the Employee Retention Credit, there’s a lot more that accountants can use ADP’s support for, including amending 941’s
  • Even at the most basic packages for new entrepreneurs, ADP offers other services like a free Ziprecruiter job slot post, background checks, SUI management, and much more
  • ADP offers a wholesale platform where accountants can use ADP software, but white label it
  • They provide human resource professionals that specialize in each state’s requirements, which is especially important as businesses are hiring more and more virtual employees from all over the country
  • They also offer an Accountant Connect Platform that allows accountants to upload any tax notices their clients receive, have the notices addressed by ADP, and be able to track the status of the notices, saving accountants so much time
  • The Accountant Connect Platform offers accountants a single login in order to access all clients information in one place, free accountant CPE courses, retirement calculators, compensation benchmarking, etc.
  • ADP offers licensed health benefit specialists to handle all flexible spending and health care benefits programs
  • To learn more about ADP partner program benefits for CPA MOMS members HERE.