Leadership Series – Feeling All Feelings

Jan 26, 2022 | CPA Blog |

One of the biggest misnomers in professional development in the accounting profession is that understanding your feelings is a “soft skill”.  Unfortunately, the belief that feelings have their place, but typically not at work, is incredibly shortsighted when it comes to the ability to lead others.

The issue is that most people do not make the important connection between how they feel and what they do or don’t do.  They don’t make the connection between the role that feelings play in the results they have and the success they achieve – whether it’s their success or others.

Most of the time we equate success with hard work and hustle, believing that there’s a time and a place for feelings, but not when there’s work to get done.  But the truth is that work could get done in a better, more effective, and more efficient way if leaders paid more attention to their emotional maturity and emotional intelligence.

The truth is that great leaders take 100% responsibility for how they feel.  They don’t blame circumstances for their feelings and they see their feelings as information, not problems.

Great leaders understand that feelings fuel actions, therefore, they choose the best fuel available to drive them towards the achievement of their goals.  They use their feelings as indicators instead of issues, allowing their feelings to propel themselves forward, or if applicable, choosing to stop and be curious if they’re not in the best space to take action.

There have been numerous studies that have shown that there is a significant statistical correlation between emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness.  When a leader encompasses emotional intelligence they not only understand themselves better, but they’re also able to understand others as well.

In order to be a better leader, you need to feel all feelings, stop blaming circumstances or people for how you feel, and take action from the best feeling place possible.  When you improve your emotional intelligence, everyone wins.  

Let’s be honest – the world needs better leaders at work and at home.  Are you ready to become a better leader?


Source – “The 15 Commitments Of Conscious Leadership”