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Are you a real estate professional seeking high quality accounting, bookkeeping, and tax advisory services? We are CPAs part of a national franchise network of carefully selected and screened professional CPAs who are ready to work virtually to provide you with the highest value accounting and tax services in the real estate industry today. As a licensed professional, you understand that not all real estate professionals are the same and you get what you pay for. The same is true in the accounting/tax industry. You deserve the most qualified, licensed CPAs to manage your financial and tax needs. 













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    Who Do We Serve?

    Whether you are just getting started and want your business to be set up properly by an accounting professional, your business is in early stages and cashflow is tight, or you are a fast growing venture that needs financial systems to help grow exponentially, CPA MOMS® professionals are equipped to serve business owners at all stages.

    We have accounting and tax professionals with experience across a wide range of industries including, but not limited to: construction, real estate investors & developers, real estate agents & brokers, service professionals, healthcare, medical professionals, franchising, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, and more.

    Our CPAs have specialized experience serving the following:



    Complex strategies need comprehensive accounting and tax experts that understands the industry and can help you avoid pitfalls and prepare for growth.



    Work with CPAs who adapt to fit your enterprise, including how to separate and maximize opportunities between your management services, property and business assets.


    Tired of accountants that don’t get it? You deserve a CPA who understands the service industry, and charges for the value of services delivered, not the time it took.

    Entrepreneurs ♡ CPA MOMS®

    Real Estate Developer

    J. has completed hundreds of real estate deals. Complex strategies need comprehensive accounting and tax experts that understand the industry, help you avoid pitfalls, and “start making you money because we give you better ways to structure your deals.”

    Family Owned & Run Business

    Deanna, a co-owner/operator, was assigned the CFO in her family's 10 year old profitable business. Her first task was to hire CPA MOMS® to take her multi-million dollar enterprise to the next level. After a month of service, she “fired herself”, and got the expert care she needed.

    Real Estate Investor

    Though there is some upfront setup for any new relationship, listen to what LuAnne, an early stage real estate investor, had to say about finally taking the first step to being free from the confusion and struggle with her finances on a personal and business level.

    You can choose to engage our CPAs to perform any of the following types of services:













    Meet Franchise Owner, Nicole.

    Nicole Kehl, CPA

    Nicole is a CPA with 8+ years of accounting and finance background with an extensive knowledge in SOP, financial metrics and business compliance in the retail field. Nicole is also a US Marine Veteran that is bilingual in Spanish. Her analytical and self-motivated skills have served her well in providing financial support from field technicians to CEO. Nicole is a mom of two from Bardstown, KY.

     “I find success in a life built on freedom while also making a difference in the world.”
    – Nicole Kehl

    My mission is to support mission-driven investors in order for them to maximize their impact, be more profitable and financially secure. At our firm, we provide top tier business advising to maximize the success of your moonshot! We pride ourselves in providing the long forgotten art of customer service. If we don’t know, we will find out or at least give you additional resources to the find the answer to your problem.

    Meet Nicole's Experienced Team of CPAs

    Most CPA MOMS® professionals are licensed CPAs with an average 18 years of professional accounting experience. You won’t see these powerful women in bathrobes at home. They are highly trained professionals who chose to become their own boss. Most franchise owners left successful corporate careers at prestigious corporations and Big 4 accounting firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young. The ongoing franchise training, and community support system allows each franchise to work in a collaborative, national network of CPAs serving start-ups to multi-million dollar enterprises.

    Ashley, CPA

    Ashley is an experienced CPA with a Masters degree and over 9 years in the accounting and tax industry and has extensive experience in property management, complex oil and gas, nonprofit, high net worth individuals, small businesses, partnerships and S-Corporations. As a former small business owner, her skill set includes the unique ability to identify and solve pain points for entrepreneurs. A servant-leader with a positive attitude and a kind and professional demeanor, she is constantly seeking to add value to her organization and clients.

    Pamela, CPA

    Pamela is a CPA with 25+ years of accounting experience in the manufacturing, property management and professional services industries.  She has extensive executive management and advisory experience gained in her roles as Chief Financial Officer for 7+ years.  Pamela’s drive for excellence has gained her the trust and respect of her peers, resulting in the opportunity to serve on a college curriculum advisory committee and serve as an LLC subject matter expert in court proceedings.  She is the mother of two adult children and is currently fulfilling a long-awaited dream to travel the country in an RV with her husband.

    Contact Nicole directly. Call 619-215-1821

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    Feeling Neglected by Your CPA?

    Most traditional CPA firms and national chains operate like a "tax mill" with hundreds of clients assigned to one CPA. The CPA MOMS® model is a comprehensive, holistic service provider to business owners looking for a relationship with their CPA. Franchise owners work selectively with business owners in a collaborative long-term strategic advisory accounting and tax relationship. Each CPA manages only a handful of clients, so you receive the customized service, personalized care, and attention you deserve. You can expect timely, proactive communication all year.

    Ready for Personalized Care?

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    How It Works

    Our way…designed by an entrepreneur for the entrepreneur… We like to keep things simple. After submitting your interest for a free phone consultation, one of our CPAs will contact you to evaluate your needs, and to provide you with a quote that fits your budget. Our custom, value billing model is designed to eliminate your experience of being nickeled and dimed. You are never forced into a plan or package that includes services you don’t need. Our CPAs aren’t the cheapest solution in the market, but can stand behind being the greatest value in the market.

    Hire a CPA in 3 Simple Steps

    We look forward to learning more about you!


    STEP 1

    After you complete the free consultation form, one of our analysts will assign you to a CPA that best matches your business needs. Your assigned CPA will contact you within 1 to 2 business days to book your consultation.


    STEP 2

    In your consultation, the CPA will assess the scope of work with your budget to provide a written proposal & quote. If you have existing books, she will likely need to review your books prior to providing you a quote.


    STEP 3

    You’ll review the written proposal & quote with your assigned CPA and make any modifications, if necessary. Upon alignment, formal engagement letter, payment approval, and billing agreement forms will be emailed.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there any cost for the CPA match?

    No. The CPA pays for the match. The Marketplace is free to business owners.

    Do any of the CPAs in the network work on-site?

    Very rarely. Given the national footprint and extensive effort it takes to find a professional that is within driving distance to your office, we have chosen to only match to virtual CPAs. Also, the reason we attract such high quality talent, is that we offer them flexibility and ability to work from home. If we are able to match you with a local accountant, some CPAs will arrange a face-to-face meeting. Please note: all of the services are delivered virtually, so the overhead savings are passed to you.

    Will the CPA I am matched with be an expert in my industry?

    We do our very best to match you with a professional with your industry expertise; however, depending on your stage of business, accounting can be universal in many industries. For example, if you are an acupuncturist, you don't need a CPA that has experience with the acupuncture, but rather someone with experience working with professional service providers. All of our Marketplace CPAs can work with any professional service provider. There are a few specialty industries with unique needs like real estate investors, construction, interior design firms, manufacturing, retail, restaurant, 501(c)3, eCommerce and a few others that we will ensure that you are matched with an expert in that industry.

    What accounting software will my CPA use?

    CPA MOMS® has invested heavily in the research and use of the latest cloud-based technology, and specialize in supporting CPAs in the custom selection, integration and migration of systems for optimum performance and efficiency. The CPAs support any variety of accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Xero or Wave that make the most sense for your business, along with dozens of cloud-based business plug-in modules for ecommerce, billing, time tracking, invoicing, payroll, CRM, marketing, inventory management, property management and more…There are a few software platforms that are not supported because they are not designed for businesses like Mint. Many entrepreneurs use their merchant platform as an accounting system. Due to specific procedures performed to ensure accuracy of your data, the CPAs will always use a professional accounting software which is integrated with your chosen merchant. If you are ready to leverage technology in your business and want more freedom from paper, manual billing, invoicing, banking and save countless hours each year on unnecessary bookkeeping, ask your CPA for recommendations to streamline your business.

    Do you have bookkeepers or only licensed CPAs?

    Ultimately, the primary focus is to ensure that you have the services you need completed in a timely and accurate manner within your budget. The main concern people have when using a CPA to perform bookkeeping services is the price. In most cases, the prices are comparable to what you would expect to pay a bookkeeper even if a CPA is performing them.

    After years of cleaning up the mess of incompetent bookkeepers, we found that it cost more to fix the error of someone who wasn't technically trained than to do it right the first time. We have established a minimum standard of technical ability that requires all of the accountants to be technically trained. All franchise owners are CPAs, but they may have unlicensed professionals on their team. The services are either completed by or reviewed by a CPA depending on the franchise.

    How does the matching process work?

    When you complete the free consultation form, on the second page, we will ask you a series of questions that will enable us to narrow the possible best matches to a handful of pre-screened CPAs in our network. This is important to ensure that we take into considerations your preference and budget. After that we, use our own proven methods to weigh additional variables such as industry, type of service, size of company, CPA availability and more to narrow the pool to the best match. You will be matched with one solo-practitioner or firm depending on your needs so you don't have to waste time interviewing multiple candidates. Because we have already pre-screened everyone extensively, you can be sure that anyone that you are matched to is highly qualified.

    Ready for Personalized Care?

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