Our Resource Partners

Alexis Neely, Personal Family Lawyer

  • support@familywealthmatters.com
  • http://www.personalfamilylawyer.com

Alexis Neely, artist name, Ali Shanti, is a bridge between the generations. She graduated first in her law school class from Georgetown, and today uses her law degree to uplevel the consciousness of the legal field and the value for people being served by lawyers. Alexis serves as a catalyst for new ways of thinking; she is a paradigm-shifter, lawyer, mom, author, and permission giver who is bringing forward radically new and much needed perspectives on how we make decisions about money, time, work, relationships, parenting, and business. She offers her personal experiences with living a new paradigm, ‘road less traveled’ life to serve as a model of what’s possible when we allow all of ourselves to show up fully in family, life, and business.

Tracy Cook, Estate Tax CPA

  • tracy@tracycookcpa.com
  • http://www.tracycookcpa.com

Tracy Cook is a licensed CPA, and has worked with medium to high net worth clients in Silicon Valley since 1999 and specializing in the estate and trust area since 2003.

Cheri Blair, Life Insurance/Financial Advisor

  • cblair@luciafinancial.com
  • http://www.cheriblairfinancialservices.com

Over two decades ago Cheri began her career managing real estate portfolios. This quickly evolved into an asset management position where she became a commercial real estate broker facilitating property sales across Southern California. She joined MetLife Financial Services in 1994 and worked with them for over 14 years before joining MJL & Associates in 2011 welcoming the opportunity to partner with the thriving, comprehensive financial services organization. Cheri recently developed her own company, Cheri Blair Financial Services to have the freedom to pursue her passion in helping empower women with financial literacy. Cheri’s mission is to build long-term trusting relationships with her clients. She can help you plan for all of life's blessings and challenges. Whatever stage of life you’re in she can assist you in the financial planning to make these transitions with ease. Whether you’re looking for a financial advisor, educator, professional speaker, radio co-host, or podcaster Cheri’s vibrant and authentic speaking style, and ability to simplify complicated financial terms and strategies makes her a good fit for whatever your financial needs are. She’ll share her entertaining and informative view of life from a women's perspective and show specific ways to get through any financial crisis. 

Alua Arthur, Death Doula

  • http://www.goingwithgrace.com

Alua Arthur is a death doula, attorney, and the founder of Going with Grace, an end of life planning organization that exists to support people as they answer the question 'What must I do to be at peace with myself so that I may live presently and die peacefully?' From private end of life consultations and public education about death to online coursework to train death doulas, she is tirelessly committed to bringing awareness to death and dying which she believes can inspire the way people live. A jewelry addict, Alua is also a life enthusiast, bicycle fanatic, and developing nation aficionado. She is inspired by LIFE, the little joys we can find even in dark times, the freedom of authenticity, and the power in the word YES.