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In order to post a job to the Job Board, you would need to:

1. Create a free log-in and basic Firm profile

2. Submit a Job Posting form

3. The Job Posting is reviewed for approval

4. If approved, you will receive a link to pay the one-time, non-refundable, non-transferrable posting fee 

5. You will be able to review the profiles in your dashboard for all applicants and will be able to select an unlimited number of applicants for interview or hire

6. After 30 days, the job posting will be removed from the Job Board; however, you are still able to connect with the candidates selected beyond the 30 day window.

If you are a VIP Member, you shall receive a 20% discount on any job posting.


For non-VIP Members, the posting fee is $500 per posting for up to 30 days, unlimited applicants and hiring per post.

There is no guarantee that your post will receive any applicants. There is no guarantee that any applicants will be suitable for interview. There is no guarantee that any applicants you interview will be hired.

All posting fees are one-time, non-refundable, non-transferrable.


If you would like to have an OPTIONAL background check or personality profile completed by yourself, anyone on your team or a candidate for hire, please contact us at https://cpa-moms.com/message-placement/ for a payment link and more details. The pricing is currently:

– Background Check $50 per individual

– Personality Profile $100 per individual

VIP Members receive a 10% discount off of background checks and profiles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to use the online Directory to select candidates?

If you have an active job posting on the Job Board, all of the fees to select candidates on the Job Board are waived. However, you do need to notify the Placement team of any selections by email.

What kind of positions can I post on the Job Board?

You can post any variety of positions provided they are accounting, tax or audit related. 

These positions are traditional accounting or tax positions which include:

– part time and full-time
– permanent and seasonal
– W2 and independent contractor
– paid and unpaid internships for students or those looking for CPA experience hours

We ask that you post only virtual jobs, but working on-site is optional if both parties agree.


Any geographic limitations?

Yes. At this time, only US based companies hiring US based professionals may apply.

Why is there a fee to interview a candidate from the Directory?

There is no fee if you have an active job posting. For those who do not have an active job posting on our Job Board. Our public Marketplace is still in early stages of development was only used privately so the it is not fully automated and requires our Placement team manually process your requests.

Can there be non-Accounting/Tax related Job Posts?

No. The Placement Directory is used exclusively by Accounting/Tax Firms or Solo Practitioners hiring other accounting/tax service professionals. The Directory was not designed for marketing, sales, or operational team members. It is also not designed for use by companies or recruiters. We do not approve posts for financial planning. We do not approve commission based positions or business opportunities.Job posts are subject to review and approval. Improper use of the Directory may result in removal from the community.

Is there any guarantee for any hire?

No. It is possible that a job posting from a “Hiring Firm” may result in no eligible candidates to interview or hire. The fee paid for that job posting is non-refundable, non-transferrable and does not include any guarantees. We do not provide any screening, interviewing or selection services. You choose the candidates you would like to interview. Then, it is your choice, and at your own risk, to hire a candidate. There are some candidates that have elected to upgrade to a VIP Membership and have elected to perform additional screenings at their own expense, such as background checks or additional online technical tests. We do not review these screenings, can not validate the quality of the candidates work, and we recommend that you perform your own due diligence and background checks to satisfy your own standards regarding employment risk.

How is Quality Control managed?

The quality is self-managed. You will receive a simple form asking you to rate each of your candidates and to let us know if you hired any candidates. Please complete this form as it helps us determine how effective our Marketplace is for our community. 

We also ask candidates to rate their experience with you during the interview, hiring and post-hire process. 

Hiring Firms or Job Seekers may be removed from the Marketplace and Community for unprofessional conduct at CPA MOMS sole discretion.

Any best practices to improve successful hires?

Yes. Start with an active job post, it will provide you with more viable, available candidates for a lower overall investment. Stick to 100% virtual jobs that are flexible and do not require more than 40 hrs/week. We find that most professionals in our community are looking for part-time work 20 hrs/week. If you are a family friendly firm and culture and philosophy to empower working moms to have both a career and family, you will attract a lot of highly qualified candidates. The most successful jobs tend to offer rates in the $20-30/hr for staff accountants/bookkeepers, $30-50/hr for controller level, tax accountants, and $50-75/hr for management. Be willing to hire outside of your region or state. There are a lot of qualified and very affordable candidates in the middle of the country, small towns and low populations. Be mindful of those who have clients and are building their own practice, they may be a great seasonal option, but may not be a great long term fit. If you have never worked virtually, you'll need time to develop systems to work virtually. 

If you would like coaching, training or other support in your hiring process, reach out and we will let you know what resources we may have to help you.

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