The CPA MOMS Podcast Roadmap

Mar 9, 2021 | CPA Blog |

Welcome to an introduction to The CPA MOMS Podcast!  We're so glad you're here.


One of our greatest resources in helping you balance being an accountant and a mom, dealing with mom guilt, or how to handle burnout is The CPA MOMS Podcast


Whether someone has recommended the podcast to you or you stumbled upon this page while searching for ways to juggle motherhood and your career, we're so glad you're here.


With over 70,000 downloads of the podcast, we know we've got some powerful information to share with accountant moms just like you.


We also understand that with over 100 episodes to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. You are welcome to start anyplace you want, but it's not necessary to go back to the beginning.


We created this roadmap to help onboard you to the podcast. We selected the episodes that would best get you up to speed and ready to tune in each Sunday when new episodes are released.


Since there are so many challenges that accountant moms face, we've created a mini-directory of the most commonly requested topics and a handful of episodes that addresses each one. This page will also highlight our all-time most popular episodes.




What Listeners Are Saying About The CPA MOMS Podcast


The CPA MOMS Podcast is the place where busy female accountants, who also happen to be moms, get practical support and solutions you need to have it all – a successful career and a happy family.


The CPA MOMS Podcast host, Dawn Goldberg, CPA, has been in public accounting for over 30 years and a mom for over 28 years. She has worked for firms like Deloitte & Touche and Ernst & Young, as well as smaller firms. She knows what it takes to be a CPA and a mom, and shares the powerful ways to have a successful career while also raising a family.


Here are what some of our listeners have said about the podcast:


“I am so grateful for this podcast. It's not easy being a CPA and a mom but this podcast has really opened my eyes to how to balance it all. thank you for all that you do to help CPA moms!” – kg0819


“Love this supportive and inspiring podcast, thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom. I look forward to it every week!” – Jen Gale Bastian


“As a CPA and a mom it can be difficult to get support that isn't just “technical”; the support that helps me balance both of my roles. This podcast is exactly what I've been looking for!! Great topics that give me what I've been wanting personally and professionally.” – JS CPA


“Love Dawn's void of truth-telling about how we make stuff up in our minds and then live by those “truths”. It's great content for any CPA who wants to increase her own clarity and power” – GeraldineDcarter


“Dawn Goldberg shares practical, useful information while still being vulnerable and open. i listen to her podcast after I drop off my kids and am on the way to work. As a working mom with a demanding finance career, almost every episode has something I can relate to and inspires me. I wish I worked with her! – APSolutions, LLC


The CPA MOMS Podcast Mini-Directory By Episode




If you like what you hear on the podcast, we would be so grateful if you would share it with other accountant moms who could use support as well.

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